Iain Farrington

Pianist, organist, composer, arranger

Recipe for a Happy Marriage for Soprano and Piano (or Chamber Ensemble)

A lively song, ideal for weddings. Both witty and touching, it is guaranteed to raise a smile.

Premiered 5th November 2005, St Andrew's Church, Steyning

Duration: 4.5 mins  

Listen to the work here:

Recipe for a Happy Marriage (4'33")

Live recording performed by Helen Withers (soprano) and the Farrington Ensemble

Text: anonymous

Recipe for a happy marriage

One pound of youth

And three pounds of sweet temper

Four ounces of wit

And a cup of common sense.

But don't forget the blindness of faults.

One glass of good humour,

Three pounds of rippling laughter, 

Two ounces of good looks

And lots of happiness.

But don't forget the blindness of faults.

One ounce of modesty

And most importantly,

Nine pounds of love.

Put the love and good looks into a well furnished house.

Stir the wit into the sweet argument.

Then add the rippling laughter and common sense.

Work the whole together until everything is well mixed,

And bake gently forever.

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