Iain Farrington

Pianist, organist, composer, arranger

Live Wire - Organ Music by Iain Farrington

Iain Farrington, organ

Priory Records

This recording features organ works composed from 2003 to the present day. Here is music inspired by jazz, swing, big bands, gospel, blues, Stravinsky, and modern Classical. It comes from 'outside' the traditional Anglican church: this is music of parties, jazz clubs, gospel singers and animal caricatures.

Recorded at St John’s College Chapel, Cambridge

CD available to purchase here and here

Album available on Spotify here


1: Live Wire

2-8: Fiesta! - 1: Celebration, 2: Conversations, 3: Stride Dance, 4: Song, 5: Fast Dance, 6: Nocturne, 7: Finale

9-20: Animal Parade - 1: Entrance, 2: Giraffes, 3: Barrel organ monkey, 4: Hippopotamus, 5: Critics, 6: Blue whale,  7: Sparrows,

8: Penguins, 9: Cheetah, 10: Piranhas, 11: Alley cats, 12: Exit

21: Free Wheeler

22-26: Lay my burden down - 1: When I lay my burden down, 2: Sometimes I feel like a motherless child, 3: Amazing Grace,

4: Steal Away, 5: Every time I feel the spirit