Iain Farrington

Pianist, organist, composer, arranger

Lay my burden down for Organ Solo

Lay my burden down is a series of pieces based on African-American spirituals and traditional songs. It features five compositions, each one being based on a particular traditional melody. The collection opens with When I lay my burden down, an energetic, positive and gospel-inspired work. Sometimes I feel like a motherless child is an elegiac and solemn piece, building to a passionate climax before subsiding into a reflective resignation. Amazing Grace is a continuous sequence of jazz/gospel variations on the well-known tune, full of joy and optimism. Steal Away is mostly simple and reflective, the melody sounding over a rocking accompaniment, becoming gradually more intense, then disappearing in the highest register. The final piece in the set is Every time I feel the spirit, a jazzy display piece that develops into a toccata to finish the group. Movements can be played separately or in any combination.

Listen to a live recording of a performance by Iain Farrington here:

1. When I lay my burden down (2’55”)

2. Sometimes I feel like a motherless child (4’43”)

3. Amazing Grace  (6’28”)

4. Steal Away (4’36”)

5. Every time I feel the spirit (4’33”)

Total duration: c.24 minutes

Available to purchase from Aria Editions here

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