Iain Farrington

Pianist, organist, composer, arranger

Fiesta! Suite for Organ Solo

A suite in seven movements, in a bright, jazzy style. Immensely popular with audiences and organists, the suite has been performed all over the world.

Fiesta is music about celebrations and merry-making. In seven short movements, the mood is unashamedly joyous, ranging from wild excitement to intimacy. Despite the title, there are no Spanish elements in the music. Celebration establishes the scene with its jumpy, knock-about rhythms, and champagne-popping spirit. Lively natterings and gossipings of individuals are heard in Conversations, arguing and laughing about life. To get people on their feet, the Stride Dance launches a lively, bouncing rhythm in a Hammond organ style. A gentle Song relaxes the atmosphere before the pounding, foot-stomping rhythms of Fast Dance. As the festivities draw on, a bluesy Nocturne slackens the pace, with an improvisatory solo at the heart of the movement. Renewed energy is found in the Finale, a carefree fugue that breaks into a frantic dance. The celebrations are nearly brought to a premature conclusion by protestations from the neighbours, but this is a party that could go on and on…

Premiered April 2003 - Kingston Parish Church

Available to purchase from Aria Editions here

Duration: 20 mins

Listen to the work here:

1 - Celebration (1'50")

2 - Conversations (2'04")

3 - Stride Dance (1'48")

4 - Song (2'29")

5 - Fast Dance (2'38")

6 - Nocturne (3'35")

7 - Finale (2'37")

Live recording performed by Iain Farrington at Challow Park Recital Hall.


"This exciting suite of seven short movements is aptly titled, and is just as thrilling as any party celebration, both for the player and listener. The opening movement Celebration sets the scene with bright harmonies and highly percussive rhythms that are a feature of the whole work. The second movement, titled Conversations is exactly that. The complicated dialogue between two manuals sounds, with eyes shut, exactly like a room full of chattering people. Stride Dance gets all in the mood for dancing, with a gentle Song preparing the way for the pulsating Fast Dance, where everyone is out of their seats once more. The improvisatory Nocturne prepares us for the end of the party, which comes in the form of a frantic fugue in the Finale, ending with an explosion into one last wild dance. This clear and easy to read edition is a vital part of any extravagant organist's repertoire, adding a substantial electrifying element to a recital, or using one movement as an encore." The Organ

Performances have included:

USA, New Zealand, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Malaysia, Westminster Abbey, St Paul's Cathedral, Manchester Cathedral, Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford, Wells Cathedral, Durham Cathedral, Truro Cathedral, Lichfield Cathedral, Gloucester Cathedral, Bridgewater Hall, Manchester,St David's Hall, Cardiff


Organ Fireworks 11

Christopher Herrick, organ - Dallas Concert Hall, USA

includes Fast Dance

Hyperion CDA67577

Organ Fireworks 10

Christopher Herrick, organ - Edmonton Concert Hall, Canada

includes Celebration and Stride Dance

Hyperion CDA67458

Piping Blues

Philip Scriven, organ - Lichfield Cathedral

includes Fiesta! (Complete work)

Regent Records REGCD304

Live at Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin

Tristan Russcher, organ

includes Stride Dance and Song

Christ Church Cathedral Publications 2006

Live at Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin

Tristan Russcher, organ

includes Finale

Christ Church Cathedral Publications 2005

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