Iain Farrington

Pianist, organist, composer, arranger

Dance Craze for Piano Duet

Dance Craze is inspired by the energy and movement of modern dance. Although using no traditional dance forms, the music has a strong rhythmic impulse. Run riot introduces the dancers, with a frenetic spirit. Hit the floor has a moody thumping beat, whereas the Duet depicts two dancers in a fragile and passionate duet. To close, Free-for-all has a variety of individual solo dance breaks, with the music having a strong jazz element.

Premiered February 2007 - Bishopsgate Hall, London

Duration: 15 mins

Listen to the work here:

1 - Run riot (2'02")

2 - Hit the floor (4'05")

3 - Duet (6'10")

4 - Free-for-all (3'19")

Live recording performed by Alasdair Beatson and Iain Farrington

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