Iain Farrington

Pianist, organist, composer, arranger

Blue Grooves for Cello and Piano or Cello and Organ or Viola and Piano

Blue Grooves was composed in December 2013 and is in some ways a ‘Jazz’ Sonata, strongly influenced by jazz harmony, rhythm and melody. Funk it up is a sonata form movement with strong funk rhythms and harmony, and a driving momentum. Ladylove is full of romantic and nostalgic feeling, with melodies that recall nightclub songs. It develops into a passionate solo outburst and breakdown, before regaining confidence. Easy does it is a cheerful and nonchalant jazz swing number, with improvisatory ‘breaks’ and big band interruptions, ending in joyful virtuosity. Throughout the work, the two players imitates all manner of jazz sounds: sliding trombone, piercing clarinet, walking double bass and strumming guitar.    

Premiered January 2014

Duration: 17 mins

Listen to a performance of the work (viola and piano version) here:

1 - Funk it up (5’26”)

2 - Ladylove (7’27”)

3 - Easy does it (4’07”)

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