Iain Farrington

Pianist, organist, composer, arranger

Animal Parade for Chamber Ensemble

A fun adventure with ten animals, from the tallest to the fastest, the biggest to the nastiest. An affectionate caricature of wildlife, designed to complement Saint-Saëns' Carnival of the Animals. Includes brilliant and witty verses by Esther Eidinow for each animal, which may be recited in performance.

This chamber version is for the same scoring as Saint-Saëns' Carnival of the Animals although with one piano rather than two, and can easily be coupled with it in concert.

Instrumentation: Flute (doubling piccolo), Clarinet in Bb, Violin 1, Violin 2 , Viola, Violoncello, Double Bass, Piano, Percusssion (Xylophone, Bass Drum, Cymbals)

Duration: 25 mins

1 - Entrance                           7 - Sparrows

2 - Giraffes                             8 - Penguins

3 - Barrel organ monkey       9 - Cheetah

4 - Hippopotamus               10 - Piranhas

5 - Critics                             11 - Alley cats

6 - Blue whale                      12 - Exit

Listen to live performances of selected movements here:

2. Giraffes

3. Barrel organ monkey

8. Penguins

10. Piranhas