Iain Farrington

Pianist, organist, composer, arranger

A Little Cabaret for Violin, Trumpet, Alto Saxophone and Piano

A Little Cabaret depicts a group of entertainers in a series of short sketches. After a boisterous opening, Curtain Up in which every player demonstrates their skill, there follows a sequence of solos. First, the trumpet in a sad blues (the Songster), then the violin with a sly swing number (the Trickster), followed by the saxophone in a mournful lament (the Mourner). Finally, the group comes together with an upbeat finish to the show (the Whole Caboodle). The music is predominantly jazzy and tuneful, in a wide range of moods. It was composed in late 2014 for Counterpoise, who gave its premiere in November 2014.

Duration: 16 mins

Listen to the work here:

1. Curtain up (3’10)

2. The songster (3’27)

3. The trickster (2’54)

4. The mourner (3’29)

5. The whole caboodle (3’03)

Live recording by Counterpoise

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